Sonny Del-Rio

Jack Pedler

Neil Nickafor
Mike Williams

Mark Severn
Dan Thomas

Jesse O'Brien

blues harp
King Buscuit Boy

Blow Your Horn Man

This is the very best of Del-Rio!

Track List

1. War and Peace
2. Sonny's Rock
3. Treat Your Baby Right
4. C'est La Vie
5. Crazy Street
6. Say You Will
7. Guilty
8. Saxland
9. 2 Hound Blues
10. Saturday Night Fish Fry
Featuring Trickbag
11. Getting Laid and Drinking Wine
12. Christmas Song
13. Beautiful Child of the Universe
14. Merry Christmas to You

recorded at
A Cellar Full of Noise by
Georgie Fab

produced by
Georgie Fab