vocals, saxes
Sonny Del-Rio

Richard Newell

Jack Pedler
Bobby Hayden
Randy Scott

Johnny Stone
Ronnie Lodge

Byng Bell
Ron Canning

Jesse O'Brien


Forty Years of Rock & Roll and all I got's the Blues

A combination of various styles of music from Sonny, covering all the bases - Rock, Blues, Ballads.

Recorded in 1999 to rave reviews, this CD is a fine listen, touching on all of Del-Rio's influences.

Track List

1. Grampy, Let's Rock ... 0:04
2. Treat Your Baby Right (Johnston-Grasley) 5:55
3. 7th Avenue Blue (Johnston-Grasley) 4:50
4. Say You Will (Finley-Grasley) 4:18
5. Hey Daddy Cool (Johnston-Grasley) 4:34
6. Guilty 4:24 (Johnston-Grasley)
7. A Friend Like You (Johnston-Grasley) 3:10
8. Birthday Suit (Johnston-Grasley-Finley) 3:14
9. Jailhouse Blues (Johnston-Grasley) 7:32
10. She's Got 44's (Grasley) 2:53

recorded at
Crossed Eye Bear Studio by
Chris Scroope
Chris Bromwich
Georgie Fab

Catharine Street Studio by
Chris Scroope
Georgie Fab

Grant Avenue Studio by
Bob Doidge
Adrian Nasager

Chatham Gardens by
Mike Birthelmer

produced by
Georgie Fab

mixed at
The Metal Works
by L. Stu Young
(Juno Award, 2004, Best

mastered at
The Metal Works
by Nick Blagona