guitar, keys, percussion
Georgie Fab

drums, keys, percussion, vocals
Jack Pedler

ARP, piano, keys, percussion, vocals
Chris Tootell

all saxes, percussion, vocals
Sonny Del-Rio

lead guitar, Roland guitar synth
Byng Bell

bass, vocals
Nick Nickafor

lead vocals on "Contact" and
"Human on the Run"

Dan Clancy

lead vocal on End "Frame"
Dan Rowan

sound design
L. Stu Young

Ian Christopher
Sonny Del-Rio: "The Poet"

additional horns
Carlo DiBattista, John Willett
Glenn Higgins (sax)

additional voices
Ron Firmi

The Terra Nye Experiment

Sonny and friends step into the future with the release of The Terra Nye Experiment.

The sun rises on this "Once Upon a Time" perfect world, a garden of paradise on the blue planet. Life abounds. For billions of years creatures great and small would come and go. Then came man. In only 6,000 years he would paint the world a very different picture, poisoning himself and everything he had touched. The aboriginal peoples who were the stewards of this planet were silenced and forgotten. The Industrial Revolution of the 1830s began the march to pollution, environmental degradation and diseases, endless wars, purges, civilian casualties and genocide. By the end of the twentieth century, Mother Nature was about to wipe her slate clean once again. Great storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, fire and flood became commonplace and the levels of pollution and contamination of the environment continued unabated. By 2056 it was more than apparent that the changes threatened mankind's very future on Earth. The Terrra Nye Experiment was the brainchild of a very select group of intellectuals who, in desperation, assembled the greatest scientific minds, the wealthiest individuals and the most powerful and influential to start building starships to transport the human elite to a safe future. By 2086 the first of these great starships was ready. The Terra Nye Experiment would carry almost two million souls, in suspended animation, to a new beginning.

Track List

1. Two Hound Blues (Johnston-Grasley-Newell) 6:35
2. Bad Luck Soul (King) 2:23
3. 7th Avenue Blue (Johnston-Grasley) 4:51
4. Let the Good Times Roll (Moore-Theard) 3:14
5. Treat Your Baby Right (Johnston-Grasley) 5:57
6. Play The Honky Tonks (Adam-Robey) 2:36
7. Hard Times (Charles) 3:00
8. I'm In Love (Womack) 2:30
9. Blue Light Boogie (Robinson) 4:46
10. Jailhouse Blues (Johnston-Grasley) 7:35

recorded at
A Cellar Full Of Noise
by Georgie Fab

produced by
Georgie Fab

mixed at
A Cellar Full of Noise
by L. Stu Young

mastered at
The Metal Works
by Nick Blagona