vocals, harmonica
Richard Newell
("King Biscuit Boy")

vocals, saxes
Sonny Del-Rio

saxes, clarinet, organ
Darcy Hepner

Jack Pedler
Claude DeJardines
Bobby Hayden
Randy Scott

Neil Nickafor
Roberto Occhipinti
Johnny Stone
Ronnie Lodge

Byng Bell
Bernie LaBarge
Peter Mueller

Richard Whitehouse

piano, organ
Jesse O'Brien

Simon Wallis
Glenn Higgins
Steve McDade

Carlo DiBattista
John Willett

Dan Elliot

Two Hound Blues

A combination of six lost tracks from the 1981 King Biscuit Boy album, Blues Bisquits and the 2000 Sonny Del-Rio effort, 40 Years of Rock & Roll and all I got's the Blues.

For 2005, this work received the Hamilton Music Awards nomination for Best Blues Album.

Track List

1. Two Hound Blues (Johnston-Grasley-Newell) 6:35
2. Bad Luck Soul (King) 2:23
3. 7th Avenue Blue (Johnston-Grasley) 4:51
4. Let the Good Times Roll (Moore-Theard) 3:14
5. Treat Your Baby Right (Johnston-Grasley) 5:57
6. Play The Honky Tonks (Adam-Robey) 2:36
7. Hard Times (Charles) 3:00
8. I'm In Love (Womack) 2:30
9. Blue Light Boogie (Robinson) 4:46
10. Jailhouse Blues (Johnston-Grasley) 7:35

recorded at
A Cellar Full Of Noise
by Georgie Fab

42nd Street Sudio
by Richard Lightheart

produced by
Georgie Fab / Darcy Hepner

mixed at
Sounds Interchange
by John Stewart

Grant Avenue Studio
by Bob Doidge

The Metal Works
by L. Stu Young
(Juno Award, 2004, Best Engineer)

mastered at
The Metal Works
by Nick Blagona

horn arrangements
Darcy Hepner