Special 2 Disc DVD Set Celebrating Sonny's 60 Years of Rockin & Roll'n!!

In 2020 Sonny released a 2 disc Feature DVD celebrating his "60 years of Rockin' and Rollin' on"†a live performance with his current band "The 5 Star Revue".

Join in the fun as the 5 stars deliver a rollicking 78 minute live concert featuring Sonny at his best with the delightful and talented Catherine Goodrick on vocals and outstanding performances by Dan Thomas on lead Guitar, Jason Colavecchia on the 6 string fretless bass and rockin' Robin Houston on drums.

Plus... "Up Close and Personal with Sonny Del-Rio!" an interview by Kevin Barber about life on the road, his career and his plans for the future. An insightful 31 minute conversation.

Blow Your Horn Man!

Sonny Del-Rio has released a new compilation cd "Blow Your Horn Man!" which is what people have been telling him for more than 50 years!

Special selections from 7 previously released cds, show Sonny at his very best, with a cross section of raunchy Rock vocals, screaming sax and smooth ballads. Whether it is Rock & Roll, Blues or Jazz, Old School or Contemporary, Sonny does it all for your enjoyment!

Also included is a Christmas Bonus track (track #14) "Merry Christmas to You!" This song was originaly recorded as part of the "Hamilton Hometown Christmas" sessions but never made it to the cd as it was not complete. After sitting on the shelf for several years, producer Georgie Fab and Sonny decided to finish the track and release it as a bonus on "Blow Your Horn Man!"

The Terra Nye Experiment

Sonny and friends step into the future with the release of The Terra Nye Experiment.

The orgins of this concept record go back to 1973 when I played in a band called Terra Nye. We wrote and performed an experimental piece called The Starship Suite. Live recordings were made but never released and more than 30 years later we decided to revisit this music. As most of the players were still alive and rocking we were able to get together at Georgie Fab's  Cellar Full of Noise studio and record an updated version. Much had changed in 30 years but the basic spirit and concept were more relavent than ever. This CD is not for the faint of heart!

If we all work together it's not too late to prevent this doomsday scenario... SDR

Welcome to Saxland

The legendary saxman's second solo release is a Big Band / Jump Blues effort sure to keep ya Boppin' and Jivin'! A nice mix of up-tempo, early Rock & Roll and timeless slow blues.

Put your dancing slippers on; move the dining room table and get ready to rock. You'll want to party all night long... SDR

Two Hound Blues

This CD was recorded about 1 year before Richard passed away. We wanted to release to the world six lost tracks from the 1981 Biscuits and Gravy sessions, to which we added 4 tracks from my 2000 CD 40 Years of Rock & Roll and All I Gotís the Blues.

I wrote the title track Two Hound Blues to tie the project together. This track features Biscuit Boy and myself alternating verses and singing the choruses together. We had a blast in the studio. If you listen closely you can hear us laughing... SDR

For 2005, this work received the Hamilton Music Awards nomination for Best Blues Album.

Forty Years of Rock & Roll and all I got's the Blues

Released in 2000 to rave reviews, this CD is a terrific listen! The various tempos and styles show the eclectic nature of Del-Rio in action.

Featuring the haunting blues harp of the late, great Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy.

For his sax playing on this album, Sonny received the 2005 Hamilton Music Awards nomination for Best Instrumentalist.

This was my first solo album and my first colaboration with renouned producer Georgie Fab. All tracks are original. I love this record and I hope that you do too.....Peace, Love and Music... SDR

Hamilton Hometown Christmas

The city of Hamilton has always been my hometown. I love this city. I get a wonderful feeling of Grace every Christmas season knowing there are thousands of families enjoying this music as they wrap presents and decorate their tree. Each track features a different local celebrity, some of which, while famous in their own field, had never before been in a recording studio. What they lacked in experience they made up for in spirit and the true joy of Christmas shines through. Although it was 80 degrees outside, and the middle of summer, it was Christmas inside thanks to the fabulous Fab family who had the studio completely decorated in red and green, including a real Christmas tree... SDR

All proceeds from the sale of this record went to support local children's charities.